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2017-02-16 Blasting information, locations & pre-blast inspection info

2017-02-16 Building footprints and Storefront profile

2016-10-12 Redevelopment Agreement

2016-05-09 Amended Westside Marketplace Map

2016-05-04 Rolla Westside Marketplace Redevelopment Plan

2016-05-04 Rolla Westside Marketplace TIF (Cost / Benefit / Analysis)

2016-03-21 Westside Marketplace - FAQ
                  Westside Marketplace TIF - FAQ

2015-10-28 Original Westside Marketplace Map

2009-01-26 Rolla West final update (Large file 15mb)

2009-01-26 Rolla West Master Plan Map

2007-08-17 Status of retail development in Rolla & Phelps County

The purpose of the Rolla West Master Plan is to outline a long-term comprehensive vision for land use, transportation and infrastructure within the Rolla West area. This area is primed for new development and will serve most of the future growth needs for Rolla over the next twenty years. The primary issues driving this opportunity for growth and the need for the Plan include the following: