Rolla West

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Rolla West - (Fifth Interchange)

mapThis extensive and far reaching project will not only solve some of Rolla's most pressing transportation problems, but also open up hundreds of acres for new commercial development – thereby adding to the City's sales and property tax base needed to fund services and other improvements. At approximately $33 to $35 million, the Rolla West project can be viewed as having several phases, including the extension of Highway 72 to Bridge School Road, the construction of a fifth Rolla interchange, the widening of Bridge School Road, the improvement of the existing service roads between the interchanges, and installation of other interior access roads. The Rolla West project was presented as part of the Rolla 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update adopted by City Council in January 2006.

The City is very interested in partnering with other governmental and private entities to bring this project to fruition. Key to our success is the partnership with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the Highway Commission, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Phelps County, and the Rolla Regional Economic Commission (RREC). Through cooperation we hope to achieve improvements and growth that will propel Rolla and Phelps County into a bright and prosperous future.   

Since this project is in its early planning stages we are very interested in any input we can get from the citizens of Rolla. Whether you live in the affected area or not please let us know your thoughts, ideas and/or complaints about this project by leaving us a comment on the city's blog at